Blue Mountain Coffee Venture (BMCV) is a second generation Jamaican family-owned company initially founded in April 1999 and operated by two brothers – Carlyle Dunkley and Keith Gardener. We are proud producers and buyers of 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. BMCV Farm stands at 3,300 feet above sea level and is often times covered by the cool mists of the Blue Mountains. The plant grown is mainly the Arabica Typica variety and special attention is paid to sustainable agricultural practices to ensure water and soil conservation.

We practice Integrated Pest Management techniques, keeping herbicides and pesticide applications to the absolute minimum. Rain harvesting and recycling are done as much as possible to reduce our impact on the environment. By recombining
the water, pulp and mucilage, we create the perfect environment for our earthworms to convert this mix to valuable vermicompost. As of 2000 the Company has its own pulpery operations and since 2005 operates its own Dry Mill Operation. Our facility is in the heart of Kingston, approximately twenty five minutes from the sea and airport. BMCV handles the drying, storing, processing, hand sorting and packaging of coffee for export under strict close supervision.

The BMCV facility is also F.D.A. registered. All our coffee are Independently Certified by Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority successor of the Coffee Industry Board (CIB). The BMCV is sold in Europe, Japan, Korea and North America and the Caribbean. An independent cupper described our coffee as “very sweet coffee with notes of chocolate, caramel and dried apricots, smooth mouth feel”.

Stephen Dunkley, Managing Director 9 Courtney Walsh Dr., Kingston 10, Jamaica WI,
Tel: +1 876-906-8052
Fax: +1 876-631-4809