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The JCEA – Who We Are And What We Stand For

The Jamaica Coffee Exporters Association, JCEA, was established in 1996 in response to a clear need to help ensure protection of this precious Jamaican treasure – Blue Mountain Coffee, one of the world’s most sought-after coffee brands.

World-renowned and famous, the story of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee dates back to the early 18th Century when a few precious Arabica coffee seedlings were brought to the island from neighbouring Hispaniola by the British Governor Sir Nicholas Lawes.

Today, an exquisite global brand, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, like other exceptional brands also needs to be jealously guarded against market threats which can come in different forms and from different sources.

As we take Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee to the world, it is essential, therefore, that traders and consumers alike have the utmost assurance not only of the product’s highest standard and quality but they must feel fully confident in its authenticity. That is the assurance you have in dealing with us – the Jamaica Coffee Exporters Association, the only legal entity of registered exporters of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

With us, you know you are in safe hands!


The fundamental mission of the Jamaica Coffee Exporters Association, in tandem with the various stakeholders, is to grow and re-develop the Jamaican coffee industry through increased production and productivity of our farmers, sustainable prices, brand development and expansion and market development locally and internationally, and diversification.


The strategic vision of the Jamaica Coffee Exporters Association is to develop the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee brand and expand the market, ultimately seeking the engagement of over 25 million coffee stakeholders and millions more of coffee consumers globally in celebrating the ‘finest coffee in the world’. Our strategy is to guarantee quality, maintain consistent supply and sustainable prices.


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