The Jamaica Coffee Industry

The coffee industry in Jamaica had its origin back in 1728 and is today by far one of the country’s most important agricultural sub-sectors.

Apart from the over 7,000 growers, mostly small farmers of Blue Mountain Coffee, the sector touches the livelihoods of an estimated 102,000 farm families and generates over US $25 million in revenues, annually.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is produced in the majestic mountain range of the same name in eastern Jamaica. Eighty-five per cent of coffee production, grown on the hillsides of the mountains is done by small farmers. The beams are hand-picked making for a labour intensive process.


Many factors combine to make Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee unique, not least of which is the aromatic coffee beans grown in this part of the country. The beans produce a RICH, yet GENTLE flavour and goes down so SMOOTHLY.

The unique taste of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is also linked to the geographic and climatic conditions only found in this part of the country.  Of the over 30-thousand acres of land in coffee production only about 9-thousand acres fall within the boundaries of the Blue Mountains, with the best quality beans produced at the higher elevations above 2-thousand feet above sea level.


Japan: In 2017/18 the Japanese market consumed 70% of the 264,500 boxes of coffee exported from Jamaica. The value of that export was almost US$9.5 million.  This makes Japan the biggest consumer of Jamaican coffee. The Japan/Jamaica coffee relationship has grown over 65 years from the first direct shipment back in 1953 to being the pride of Japanese coffee consumers.

United States of America: The United States market accounts 20 percent of Jamaica’s coffee exports. It remains a market with tremendously significant potential. Greater brand presence and position of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is the United States as well as creatively marketing the brand among the 4.3 million visitors to the island, many of whom are from North America form an important part of the strategy build mind and market share in the United States

Europe: Europe and the rest of the world accounts for 10 percent of Jamaican coffee exports. Growing the brand in markets like the United Kingdom, Europe and other international markets forms a key objective with commitment to further our representation, presence, promotion and participation in these markets.

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