I am delighted to join in the celebration recognising the historic proclamation of January 9 as Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Day and the inaugural 2019 observance in both Jamaica and Japan.  It has been a long journey which started in 1953 with the first direct shipment of coffee from our shores to the ports of Japan. It was a long passage, but a worthwhile journey for trade and investment.

The sophisticated Jamaican brew with its silky-smooth flavour has won over the palettes of many coffee enthusiasts around the world, making Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee world renown. Since its first voyage into the Asia-Pacific region, the love and appreciation for a genuine taste of this flavourful Jamaican beverage continued into its present crescendo of

imminent recognition. And, this acknowledgement by Japan confirms beyond doubt that Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is the finest in the world.

Dr Peter Phillips, MP

Leader of the Opposition