John Oliver (Jackie) Minott CD, JP, JCEA

John Oliver (Jackie) Minott CD, JP, JCEA

The Chairman, Executive and Directors of the Jamaica Coffee Exporters Association, wish to express sincere condolences to family and friends of the late John Oliver (Jackie) Minott CD, JP. Jackie Minott took his transition on Saturday January 18, 2020.

Mr Minott was awarded the JCEA Distinguished Member Lifetime Achievement Awards on December 7th at the JCEA First Annual Award Banquet at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel for his over fifty (50) years of service to the Jamaica Coffee Industry.

Mr John Oliver (Jackie) Minott CD, JP, was born in 1935 in the parish of Manchester, the last child to Leslie Minott and Edna May Minott. He was educated at Munroe College in St. Elizabeth and McGill University in Canada where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree specializing in marketing and Business Administration.

Mr. Minott worked as a time keeper at the Moneymusk Sugar Estate in 1954, the on to his family owned business at Jamaica Standard Products Co. Ltd. in Williamsfield Manchester.

Throughout the years Jackie Minott pioneered the Jamaica Coffee Industry as he was the brain child behind the Jamaica High Mountain coffee 5k run which was launched over 30 years ago. He served as a member of the Jamaica Coffee Board and coffee council, with his brilliant mind and high spirit; his was awarded the Manchester Homecoming Foundation Award, The JCEA Distinguished Member Lifetime Achievement Awards along with other outstanding awards for his work done in his commerce business and in particularly the Jamaican Coffee Industry

Mr. Minott was a loving husband his wife Beverley and a proud father to his two children John Jnr and Hilary.
Words cannot describe the measure of this man; he was a true pioneer to the Jamaican Coffee Industry and a great friend and colleague to those who knew him.

May he Rest in Peace as we continue to celebrate and salute his tremendous work. Gone but will always be remembered!!!

Norman Washington Grant OD, JP
Jamaica Coffee Exporters Association